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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Madam Hawa Yakubu Is Dead

Reliable reports reaching us , says that the "Iron Lady" of Ghana Madam Hawa Yakubu is dead. We would keep you updated.

About Madam Hawa Yakubu

To the body politics of women, a soon to be trailblazer had been born. In the tropical darkness of sub-Saharan

Africa a soon to be torchbearer and a doyen of Ghanaian politics was born. Tarkwa a medium size mining town in the western region of Ghana was proud to have accommodated the new born child in 1948, the year of great political awakens and consciousness towards independence. She is a native of Pusiga in the Bawku district in Ghana.

Her firm resolve to make it in life was that a keen sense of purpose must not easily be overcome by difficulties, her lovely

mother a CPP activist was next to the infamous "Kulungugu"bombing, this showed how politics had taken roots in the family.

So it wasno surprise when she took to politics like mother like daughter. Her mother was the women's organizer of the CPP in her district, at a very young age she was elected unopposed to the local council and at the time a new constitution was being written in 1979, she was elected unopposed to the constituent Assembly to help in the drafting of that important document for Ghana, the youngest person to be so honored, and the only one out of five people to be elected with the rest getting their positions by appointment.

She has exuded traits of martyrdom with such optimistic temperament, boldness and persistent action culminating into stardom and making her a paragon of society, with humility as her tramp card she has bridged the gap between the aged and the young, the incumbent and opposition, the hopeful and the faint hearted and a comforter for the destitute in society. She has come close to death on several counts, when the hallowing storms of doubt and fear assailed she managed to prevail by the living words of God and the prayers of many people. Take a walk with us as we delve deep into the beginnings of the woman behind the "Positive Change" enchantment which the ruling New patriotic party (NPP) used as it's catch call slogan to win power in the 2000 elections, on the wheels of the slogan "Positive Change" many votes were delivered to NPP and in reminiscing time across memory lane we also trace her contributions to the body politics of Ghana, ECOWAS, Africa and the world at large.

The woman who has survived the Mamprusi and Kusasi skirmish, the conflict prone area of Bawku says bigotry and prejudice are the worst things a man could be guilty of, from her many a help has gone to people, and as a source of inspiration observers and admirers, have seen a great leader; tanned, well tailored in command and on her way to make a better world through the art of politics.

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